Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding weekend


Drove to Sydney on the weekend for my cousin's wedding which was fun. The reception had 250 people and was right in the middle of the city on the harbour next to the Harbour Bridge. We left the kids with Tim's cousin overnight so we got to stay out late. I was the designated driver (we stayed at my mum's house and drove her and my brother back) but driving through the city with lots of confusing roadworks at midnight was nauseatingly stressful. And my mum forgot her house keys so my brother had to climb in the bathroom window, while I got decimated by mosquitos waiting in the garden. Strange end to the night.

Lots of unhealthy food on the drive there and back. I was unwell a lot of last week and today so I haven't done much exercise for a while. I thought I was better but had a bit of a relapse today, maybe from overdoing it on the weekend or too much fast food. But luckily my weight has remained pretty stable -- 78.4 kg this morning. I am "good" for a week and lose a kg then am "bad" for a week and gain it back. Back on the healthy wagon today.

Lower carb really seems to work for me in terms of weight-loss but if I go too low I feel very depressed so I am still working on finding that balance.

My sister-in-law is due to have her baby tomorrow, but of course it might not happen for a week or so. Very exciting. My kids don't have any cousins yet. We visited her yesterday and she was looking pretty big, but the midwife had said the baby hasn't fully engaged (dropped into pelvis) yet. When I had Aiden he moved down six weeks early and we thought he was going to be born early, but no. Having a baby's head in your pelvis really makes you waddle!

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