Saturday, March 30, 2013



Happy Easter!

When we got to my mum's house late on Thursday and decided to stay even though she was sick, I was only worried about inconveniencing her and the difficulties of finding a motel. Not germs. When I told her not to get up and cook us breakfast, but she did anyway, I was only thinking about how she wasn't feeling well. Not germs. Now my eyes have been watering for two days and are sore and burning, my body aches a bit, I'm so tired I fell asleep slumped in my armchair this afternoon, and my throat is starting to hurt. Maybe I should have thought about the germs a bit more.

We had a nice Easter egg hunt around the house this morning and as we don't allow the children to eat much at a time their stash will probably last them months. Even though we made them eat breakfast before any chocolate, and then moderated their intake, by late morning they were both in tears and fighting. Usually they play beautifully together. Much better after a blood-sugar-moderating lunch.

We had pancakes for afternoon tea; Jasmine & I had nutella on ours (chocolate spread, very Eastery), Aiden had plain, Tim had honey. About 30 grams of carbohydrate each for the pancakes, plus toppings -- so at the most 45g which is not excessive even for a diabetic but the problem is the form it came in. I just thought to test our blood sugar. It's been about a hour and a half since, so not an official time for testing blood sugar but still indicative of issues. Mine was 7.8 which is the top of the normal range and quite satisfactory -- I haven't had any really bad numbers for a while. I feel that I am gradually getting better. Tim's was 12.5. Terrible. In actual diabetic (not just pre-diabetic) range. I will test him again at the two hour point, but that is a bad number, worse than either of us have ever had.

He went to the doctor recently but she only sent him for a fasting blood test (results not back yet) which probably won't tell him anything as I think he has impaired glucose tolerance, not necessarily imparied fasting glucose. He needs a proper test. That will be next.

The fact that our children had an obvious behavioural change after a relatively small amount of sugar worries me too. It was probably exacerbated by a couple of days of junk food and poor sleep, but still. Or are they coming down sick too? I've actually noticed this change in my daughter before specifically at Easter.

I'm going back on low carb tomorrow. My huge chocolate bunny will have to be spread out over a long time.

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