Monday, March 25, 2013



I have this 5K in three weeks. Less than three weeks now. I don't like running but was determined to do this one race (the other race I did was only 3.4K and I wanted to complete a real 5K). I didn't want to be as unready as I was for the Tower Race on Sunday. So this morning I went for a walk and then to the oval for a training run.

I went back to W1 D3 of C25K because I can barely run 60 seconds, let alone move up to 90 seconds. I did three intervals on sopping wet grass covered in clippings that got all over my legs, then halfway through the fourth intervals I just stopped running. I mean, why the hell was I doing this form of exercise that I dislike so much and that I am terrible at (and which seems to damage my body) when I could be actually having fun dancing -- smiling and enjoying it instead of slogging through misery?

Another consideration is that I recently found out that the Canberra String Festival is on the same weekend as the race, and Jasmine's violin performance is two hours before my race. Even assuming they are on time, it would still be a rush to eat something and get to my race.

So I walked home.

I looked up the race website and I can't get a refund, so I am still thinking about just walking it. I feel a bit sad and guilty about being such a quitter; my previous plan had been to run this 5K and then quit running forever. I'm feeling very torn. Why do something I hate when I can still get exercise doing something I like -- even love?

And now my ankle is hurting again.


  1. I really think that if you dislike running so much that you shouldn't force it. You don't want to risk just not being active at all because you don't enjoy your activity. I know it's discouraging. Is there any way to transfer your spot in the race to someone else? Good luck and I hope your ankle is feeling better.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. My ankle is ok, it just keeps giving these annoying twinges.

    I couldn't cancel my spot in the race so now I am rethinking the whole quitting thing...