Sunday, March 24, 2013

Verti-cool results


Race results just came in. My time was 10:36 (so my guess of 11 min was pretty close). This was not a particularly good time. I came 230th of 236 people who finished the race; 140th of 145 women. When you take out the serious runners, I came 124th out of 129 walk/joggers. The average time was 6:11.

I didn't come last!

Interestingly, the winning time was 3:16 this year (4:15 for fastest female), but last year it was 2:47 (3:26 female). I am assuming that they added the run at the start this year, that would account for the longer time. I certainly wasn't expecting that run. For me, at my fitness level, I know it added way more to my time than the actual run itself which probably took me a bit over a minute.

Time to start working towards the 5K.

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