Monday, March 11, 2013

A quiet day at home


It's been a quiet day at home because Aiden was sick today, vomiting all morning. He seems a lot better now, lying in front of the TV and has eaten some fruit without throwing up. I've been creeping around the house trying to let him sleep. Still not 100% well myself.

I wasn't able to go shopping today, and after the long weekend the cupboard is pretty bare. One little kangaroo fillet in the freezer for Tim, mac & cheese out of a box for the kids. A few vegetables left for a small salad. Plenty of eggs and bread. I know some people can last a month eating what they have in freezer and pantry, but I shop to a list of things we actually need for meals I'm going to make that week. I don't like freezing things so I shop for meat and vegetables twice a week. It means our meals are fresh and tasty, but in the event of a zombie apocolypse we'll only last a few days on tinned corn and plain rice before we're out joining the masses hunting for brains. Braaaiiiinnnnnnsss.....

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