Saturday, February 23, 2013

I hate my scales


Yes I know I have only been on this diet for two days. But generally I drop a lot of weight in the first two days (I've been on a few diets these past three years, since just before I turned 40), it's when I lose all the water weight. So to lose only a few hundred grams in the first 24 hours and then PUT HALF BACK ON in the second 24 hours was really really discouraging. If I can't drop some weight at the very start of a diet then can I at all? I did so much exercise and ate so little!

Nevertheless I restrained myself from throwing the scales out the window, had a healthy breakfast and did half an hour of dance. My sore legs had disturbed my sleep again, waking me every time I moved (all that work in the past two days!) but dancing limbered them up a bit.

Then we tried to go to Canberra Show. But after trudging through the huge car park it started pouring rain when we were in the queue to go in and we all got totally soaked and cold. The sky was completely grey and very low so we gave up and went home again. Bit sad to miss seeing all the animals and the woodchopping and stuff, but we'll see it next year and might even go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show in a couple of weeks.

We got a rotisserie chicken on the way home, not a very healthy choice but at least I didn't have any chips. And it was delicious and warming. But I guess I shouldn't expect any weight loss tomorrow either.

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