Sunday, February 3, 2013

Portion size


Today at the supermarket I heard a slender woman say to another (who I couldn't see) "I would be wearing shorts too if I had your legs." Isn't it sad that in our society it is impossible to be thin enough, to be perfect enough. Maybe it wasn't her weight, maybe she didn't like their shape or colour or tone; but in any case we are so hung-up on appearance that many of us are ashamed of our perfectly fuctional bodies. I certainly include myself. That lady wanted to be as thin (I'm assuming for the moment it was about weight) as the other woman, I want to be as thin as her, there are probably many people who wish they were as thin as me. Never content. Of course a lot of it is relative to your heaviest-ever weight. If you start at 400 pounds then I imagine 200 pounds feels wonderful. But if you start only 5 pounds overweight you still see flab. And if you are your goal weight then you probably hate your loose skin or your nose or your ankles or your too small/too big breasts or something.

While I need to lose weight for my health, I deserve to love myself as I am and be grateful for all the things my body can do. I am not only my bulges.

I've continued to do well with eating mainly natural healthy foods, but I still need to work a bit on portion sizes. I fill up my plate too much at dinner time, so much so that I don't always eat it all, and eat in the evening when I am not even hungry. I was craving salty/crunchy last night so had some salted cashews and ate far too many. I should have put some in a bowl instead of eating straight from the packet! I wasn't actually hungry to start with, just craving.

Last day of school holidays. Kindergarten started today, everyone else goes back tomorrow. It's been a long summer holiday.

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  1. I think everyone has their thing. Super models get fixated on their nose, athletes get fixed on muscle size... maybe it's a bit hard wired that we all want to improve, but I do wish we all had a little more self love!