Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1000th post


I dreamed I was at a family gathering and my aunt Bev was there. I was confused because I thought she was dead, but I didn't like to ask anyone.

I dreamed my uncle Greg (mum and Bev's brother) was going to sell his house and we were planning to buy it, but when we were walking through it instead of being beautiful and immaculate as usual it was old and dingy.

I dreamed I was going to get my dog back, not our recent puppy Thor who we rehomed last year mainly because of mum being sick and lots of travelling, but my collie Vixen who I had 15 years ago. I was patting her silky head.

I woke in the night feeling horribly nauseated and feverish, like you could fry an egg on my stomach. A bit better in the morning, but not great. Headachy and achy legs.

Apparently this is my 1000th post on my combined blogs (I have a couple of others I don't use much). I wish I had some amazing insights or breakthroughs or something to make it special but alas, no. Just me, living another day.

It was pouring rain all night and this morning so Tim took the car, so I couldn't go to the gym. Well, "couldn't" isn't strictly true, I could walk 30 minutes through the rain each way if I wanted to go that badly! But I wouldn't have gone anyway. Continued to feel quite sick all day. Slept in the afternoon. My husband has been a bit sick for several days so it's probably a virus. He's just a lot more stoic about it than I am!

Report card: Sick day.


  1. Congratulation on this 1000 posts... I was not aware, we are allow sick days? I'm starting to feel a headache coming up! LOL

    1. Surely every job gives you a few sick days! And weight loss is hard work. My sick days generally involve no more food than usual, but just about all plain carbs like toast and noodles. And no exercise.