Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cocktail party


It's been a very busy few days. Tim's 40th birthday cocktail party was last night and we had lots of family staying here. We don't actually have a spare room so that means mattresses all over the floors everywhere! And lots of cooking, and running the full dishwasher after every meal.

On Friday I did a marathon three hour shopping trip and got home exhausted, only to find that my fitbit said I was barely moving during a big chunk of that time. What? I worked out it was when I was pushing a (heavy and eventually overflowing) shopping trolley. I assume that pushing the trolley stabilised my arms so much that the sensor on my wrist didn't register any stepping movement. Bugger! I still got to 8,000 steps by the end of the day, but I reckon I would have done closer to 10.

Saturday continued the cleaning and preparations and cooking for guests, I was up to 8,000 steps again by the time the party started and I didn't even set foot out of the house! We had cake and a little family party in the afternoon so the kids could participate. Then the cocktail party was fun but I drank too much. I hardly ever drink alcohol, it's just not part of our lifestyle, but once or twice a year we have one of these parties and my body can't handle it. I was happy and friendly at first, I'm sure I charmed everybody by telling them I really wasn't tipsy at all, but I felt quite ill by midnight! I couldn't go to bed because my niece was sleeping there until the house quietened down and she could be moved. So I lay on the floor for a while. Nice comfy carpet. Eventually all the guests left, we got family bedded down wherever we could fit them, and I got to crawl into bed where I got a few hours sleep before waking about 4:30 feeling even worse...

So Sunday morning everyone was feeling very tired, except the kids of course, but it was my sister-in-law's birthday so I made French toast and after lunch we had birthday cake. I didn't eat much of it, even though it was my favourite, my stomach just wasn't up to it. Legs aching badly too. Finally all the guests left.

I'm not sure how my report card should read for the weekend. I certainly had plenty of indulgence foods nibbles but didn't stuff myself ever, and I had proper meals. But the cocktails would have had a lot of calories and sugar, and I did have dessert three times. I didn't do any intentional exercise over the past three days, but I got in a lot of activity, mainly cleaning but also a little bit of dance. I tried to drink my water but I'm sure I'm still dehydrated from the alcohol. Sleep, not so good. Mental health good. Right now I just want to slump and do nothing, even though I already had a nap this afternoon, but it's time to start making dinner. Could probably have leftovers, but I want a proper meal.

Oh, and I got rid of most of the leftovers from the two cakes. I kind of forced it on people as they left. I could have just thrown it out I guess, but it feels less wasteful if you give it to people. They can toss it in the bin if they want. I do hope I get my containers back. I saved one piece of cake each to have for dessert tonight. I only had a few bites each time before, and I may do that again. Too much sweet. Now if we had chips left, that would be a problem! But they all got finished.

Back to the gym tomorrow, and shopping for fresh food. I made a new batch of yoghurt, my poor body needs a few probiotics I think! Why on earth would some people drink like that every weekend? Why do I do it even once a year? I guess I forget how bad I feel afterwards.

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  1. Funny yesterday we went shopping at Sam's club and my wife and I were wearing our Vivofit. I was the one pushing the shopping trolley, we look at our steps count, mine was not moving and she was getting all the steps.
    I started pushing with one hand and keep the other arm swinging (not the most efficient way of pushing the cart but at least I was not losing steps). LOL

    You did great sending your guess with the cake. In a few years if they have weight problem, they will not remember that :))

    I was drinking wine pretty much every day but I never slept on the carpet... you guys down-under are crazy ha ha ha