Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not a Nimbus 2000


We received a very long parcel in the mail yesterday, a birthday present for my husband from his cousin Matt. I wondered at first if it was a Nimbus 2000, but no, it was Gandalf's staff:

Isn't that cool! I realise that "cool" probably isn't the word some people would use...

Tim doesn't look his years, does he! Just turned 40.

I haven't done much revision on my novel yet but I'm back in a good headspace about it. I'm having ideas about how to fix the problems that have been identified, and making notes in the margins. It's more bits and pieces of work rather than any long sessions. My best "thinking" times are generally when I'm not sitting in front of the computer. Long drives to Sydney, in the shower, and while on a walk are my best times. Or after I've got into bed, which is why I keep a notebook and pen nearby.

I'm also reading the next person's novel for the critique group. We do one a month, mine was the first for the year. You basically commit to a year (8-10 novels) in return for having yours included. I like the editing process, I've done it as a paid profession, but what I am not looking forward to is the face-to-face part. I've never liked meeting clients in person although they sometimes ask for it, and I'm bad enough at giving criticism by email let alone to someone's face. I shrink from any kind of confrontation. I am reasonably practised at being tactful on paper, but dread the thought of having to say to someone "these are the problems..." Easier to be on the receiving end! And this particular author is one of the less experienced writers (like me) so there are going to be plenty of problems.

I had a heart-racing experience this afternoon. Jasmine collected the mail and a free local newspaper from the mailbox on her way home from school and handed it to me at the door, and a big huntsman spider crawled out. Screams, mail everywhere, spider scuttling under the chair. I managed to squash it with my shoe (shoe being on my foot) on the second try. Still feel the adrenalin. I say big, its leg span was probably smaller than my hand so it wasn't especially large by Australian standards (I have literally seen them as big as a dinner plate) but it was still an unpleasant shock to have one crawl out of something I am holding in my hands. I'll be nervous for days.

Report card:
Diet: Poor. Take away dinner after late dance class. A couple of choc chip cookies earlier.
Exercise: Poor. None.
Water: Will try to drink two more before bed.
Sleep: Ok. Still needed a short nap this afternoon.
Mental health: Good.


  1. No cool isn't the word some people would use, more like completely awesome! I might've gussed tim was maybe 29-30, so no not at all looking his years.

    The spider thing is terrifying, I have a major bug thing, and spiders just really send me over, it's getting warmer here so... spider season is fast approaching. I googled that spider you mentioned and I just don't think I could ever live comfortably again if I ever seen one of those in real life lol.

    1. I hate bugs too. Any creepy crawlers, even if not dangerous. Cockroaches especially.

  2. At home I'm the spider killer... my wife tried to killed them by yelling really loud but it doesn't work, I still have to come and finish properly the job. We don't have big one like you have, otherwise I think I would buy a gun and doing from a safer distance!

    Just out of curiosity, what would Tim do with a Gandalf's staff?

    On your report card you got an A for honesty but that's it! I'm not happy, I might just not come to your post tomorrow... will see! Now I found a use for the Gandalf's staff, it will be to keep the cookies away from you. Ah

    1. My husband is even more scared of spiders than I am so I have to be brave. Once he broke a window trying to kill a spider with a broom.

      I'm not sure what he'll do with the staff. He has a cloak too - maybe take it to appropriate movies or costume parties?

      Hmmm, maybe I do need consequences for a bad report card!

  3. Galdalf's staff! That is awesome! Your husband looks like a cool guy. He definitely looks much younger than 40.