Saturday, March 14, 2015

Storming the castle


After the kids' sports this morning we drove straight to Sydney to view "the castle". The outside was very much like the pictures but unfortunately the inside was much older than we expected, not as nice as the photos seemed and most of the rooms very small. So that was that. The real estate agent offered to show us another one nearby so we looked at that but liked it even less - newer but basic and soulless. Both these homes were at the bottom of our price range so I think we're going to have to go higher.

For some reason we've decided to try to look at some more houses tomorrow while we're in the area, even though it would be more logical to wait a month or two. Oh well, Tim and I talked about it in the car and I'm sure we can make it work whenever. I think the fact that he is turning 40 next week is affecting Tim's sense of urgency! 15 years have slipped away while we've been living in Canberra.

Food has been terrible. We had McDonalds on the way here and I tried a new chicken burger. It was so bad I couldn't eat it. And Aiden had half my chips because he hated his burger too (usually we both get nuggets, I hate McD anyway but at least it is usually blandly edible). So later I was very hungry and had half a muffin from a petrol station. And dinner with my brother-in-law was frozen lasagne. Still kind of frozen actually (his wife was working late, I guess he hasn't learned to cook yet!). Actually I may not have had an excess of calories today, but every single calorie was from fat or salt! And I can feel it.

Report card:
Diet: Poor.
Exercise: Poor.
Water: Poor.
Sleep: Good last night.
Mental health: Good.

Well it's somewhat of an improvement on yesterday!


  1. I just looked at picture from Canberra, wow nice area. It's the kind of town I love, it's not too populate but it's big enough to have all the life of a large city. And NO snow!

    Next week, we are 3 days on the road, I am anxious with how we will eat. I think we will take advantage of Subway, it's healthier than McDo. But we can't eat there 3 days in a row or we will get mad and being in the car just the two of us... we try to stay somewhat sane :) I have my plan to exercise... it's all in the planning Natalie!

    Bring that report card where you really need it my friend!

  2. What do you mean no snow? We've had a few flakes twice since I've been here, not enough to settle on the ground but I saw it with my own eyes!

    Canberra is very pretty and we've liked it here for 15 years. But family is all in Sydney so it's time to move back.

    I definitely need to plan ahead for these weekends. Just going with the flow isn't working out so well.

  3. Much luck finding your new home. We are on our way to finding our castle as well. It's time.