Sunday, March 15, 2015

Turning two


Wow, that was a long day. As usual I struggled with sleeping on the stone slab that is my brother-in-law's spare bed ( to be fair, his own bed is the same) and Tim and I were exhausted in the morning. One big benefit of moving to Sydney would be that we could easily go home after a visit and not have to stay the night!

As we hadn't pre-arranged things with real estate agents, they were all unavailable and we couldn't see any houses. Who closes on Sunday these days? I would have thought they would do most of their business on weekends. But next time we travel up we'll plan and call ahead, maybe drive up Friday night so we can go to all the open houses on Saturday morning.

Since we were at a loose end, we went up to the newly renovated huge shopping mall nearby, sat and had a much-needed cup of tea, walked around a bit, let the kids play on a cool indoor playground, and had lunch.

Then we went back to my brother-in-law's house, where my niece was fresh after her nap, and helped set up for her 2nd birthday party.

The party was nice, mostly family, then the long drive home. We couldn't stomach any more fast food so we waited until we got back to Canberra and went to a proper restaurant for Thai food even though it was pretty late for the kids to be eating dinner.

Report card:
Diet: Ok I guess. Had some party stuff. Didn't overdo it. But I think there was a lot of sugar in one of the Thai dishes, I can feel it. Definitely not a healthy food weekend.
Exercise: Ok. 7,500 steps walking around the shops. Not bad under the circumstances.
Water: Terrible again. Really going to work on this tomorrow.
Sleep: Terrible.
Mental health: Better.

As usual after an unhealthy weekend, I am so ready to recommit! But I need to plan better for these weekends away. It wasn't so bad when we only travelled every second month or so, but it has been much more frequent lately. What really annoys me is that I'm not even eating delicious indulgence calories! It's yuck food that is terrible for me and I don't even like.

Next weekend we are at home but everyone is visiting us for Tim's 40th birthday, and it's also my sister-in-law's birthday the following day. So I'll be catering for cocktails and cake, and also at least seven houseguests. At least I'm in control of the food!

I will leave you with a photo of "the castle" so you can see why we named the house that. I still look at it and think "if only..." but it really wasn't right for us on the inside.


  1. When a house is right, we know. Sorry you haven't found one yet. Fingers crossed, soon.

    Travel food to me, sucks. Do you ever bring coolers along for the trip?

    1. For a while we did take picnic lunches for the trip but fell out of the habit. I need to start that up again so that at least the outward journey is covered.

    2. What was your favorite food or snack to picnic take-along?

    3. I used to make sandwiches and also get a rotisserie chicken (cutting it up at home). Fruit is always good.

  2. You are right planning ahead will save a lot of hardship down the line. My wife has always half full bottle of water in the freezer, when we go somewhere, she fills them up and we have good cold water for the whole day. I'm not a fan of water but if it's there I'll drink it.

    I can't really comment about the terrible sleep, this is an area where I could compete with you.

    I don't know if it's me but I find the castle looking more like a fortress :)

    1. It's not exactly an inviting looking house but it was very quirky. We like quirky. Pity the inside wasn't nice. I'm sure we'll find something great when we are more ready to move (like when my husband gets a job in Sydney!)

  3. That does look like a castle, half the fun is shopping so enjoy it!