Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lots of movement


Another poor sleep but overall feeling much better. I started the day by walking the kids to their school swimming carnival, we went out of our way to collect a school friend so it ended up being a 30 min round trip for me. After a short break at home (reading emails and blogs) I went to the gym. All much the same as it was there a couple of months ago.

I hiked through New Zealand on the elliptical. I did the whole program, 51 minutes, on level 8 which means up to level 12 on the steep hills. Lots of walking pace, a bit of jogging and some sprints. Had my music going and the first half was very enjoyable before I started to get tired. Pretty scenery.

My original plan was to do a bit of biking through France afterwards, but I was too exhausted after 51 minutes on the elliptical! So I just came home. Made myself a healthy lunch, put on the casserole for dinner because we are home late on Wednesdays (even though it is really much too hot for a casserole) and did a bit of writing.

Aiden and I have been going for walks two days a week when Jasmine has her dance classes. Today we were both really tired (my legs were aching from the elliptical) and it was another really hot day... But we still went for a walk. Just a shorter one than usual. Finishing the day on 14,000 steps.

Here is a snapshot of what I am eating at the moment.
Breakfast: four cruskits with cream cheese and tomato, cup of tea with splash of milk and half a tsp sugar. 199 cals
Morning snack after gym: grapes and epicure (sharp) cheese. 207 cals
Lunch: 100 grams cold rotisserie chicken breast with skin, 100 grams roast potato, whole cucumber, one carrot, half tomato, cup of tea. 385 cals
Afternoon snack: large pear. 121 cals
Unplanned extra afternoon snack: cruskits with butter and Vegemite (hungry today after all that exercise!) 223 cals
Dinner: pork casserole (with carrot, celery and onion). 421 cals
Total: 1556 calories. A little bit more than I was aiming for, my body isn't used to hard exercise yet and asked for extra fuel.

Update: and 2 squares of dark chocolate, another 100 cals

Report card:
Diet: Good. A few too many calories, but it was hunger not boredom. I burned more than I ate. I had some carb cravings.
Exercise: Excellent. My poor legs are aching.
Water: Great.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Mixed. Got a bit upset when driving home tonight. When we brought flowers home from mum's funeral I didn't know who they were all from. Tonight Jasmine found a card in the back of the car that had fallen out of one arrangement and I hadn't seen it. It was from an old friend of mum's from my childhood that I hadn't been able to contact and I didn't know if she'd got the message about mum's death. Obviously she did. Which is a good thing, but still a bit upsetting thinking about it all. These moments creep up on me unexpectedly.


  1. What is going down under there? Hiking New Zealand in 51 minutes, it must be a really small country!

    You are doing great Natalie!

  2. Wow! 51 minutes! You must be really fit then. I would like to visit New Zealand and Australia someday, it's definitely on my list. :)