Monday, June 11, 2012

Colds and flu


Nothing has changed. I thought I was over the flu but started feeling unwell again last night and woke this morning with runny nose and stuffed up head (maybe just a cold this time? Aiden also has the sniffles). Sore throat, but probably from post-nasal drip. Sneezing. Two half-hour walks over the long weekend but no real exercise. Eating big hearty dinners like roast and risotto. Weight up a bit. Went shopping this morning and did pretty well but then fell at the last hurdle and bought some Doritos which I turned into cheesy nachos for morning tea.

We didn't go dancing on Sunday; we've decided to look elsewhere, which is my job this week.

I was worried about some pain in my mouth, dreading another root canal, but it turns out I just have two mouth ulcers. No doubt another symptom of my general current ill health. I've never been so happy to see a mouth lesion! I know they will heal by themselves in a couple of days, especially if I have plenty of vitamin C.

In other news, my cousin Kimberley had her baby on Sunday, a big girl they named Harper. I hope to meet her soon -- also my cousin Jamie's partner had twin boys only a couple of months ago and I haven't seen them yet. It will be nice for those kids to have cousins so close in age; my two don't have any yet.

And my eight year old daughter finally found the courage to ride her bike without training wheels and got the hang of it, which is excellent. She is extremely timid but with daddy running along beside she did very well. Still need to work on steering.

Urg, I feel tired and grumpy and zombie-like.

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