Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dance all day


I shall do my best to not whine about my health this whole post, for a change. But I feel that I am going to fail.

Over the weekend there was a big dancesport championship here in Canberra, I think probably the biggest in the Australian calendar. You know dancesport -- a mix of ballroom (waltz, quickstep, tango etc), New Vogue (a rather girly twirly Australian group of dances that are based on ballroom but have a set series of steps that can't be varied) and Latin (samba, cha cha, jive etc). Fake tans, stiff hair, glittery costumes, inch-thick makeup, huge eyelashes. And the girls are even worse. It's held at the Australian Institute of Sport where they train the Olympians in lots of sports. We have been to watch a few times before as we love dance, and this year Tim's cousin Dan and his wife Martha were in it. They had one dance on Sat and we also missed one of theirs on Sunday morning as they were first up, but we got there before 11 am and saw them in two heats for a total of four dances. Unfortunately they didn't get through, but we saw lots and lots of dancing from a variety of grades and age groups.

Tim was lovely and took the bored kids home around 4 pm while I stayed. They came back after dinner and saw another hour then we all went home at 8 pm. I saw about nine hours of dancing!

I blew my nose a lot throughout the day but didn't feel too bad until late afternoon after Tim had gone. When we finally left it was freezing outside and I was exhausted and feeling quite awful. Went home and had a decent dinner after horrible sausage rolls etc at the arena. Managed to sleep ok but woke this morning completely blocked up again. Streaming nose, coughing, sneezing. Head stuffed full of snotty used tissues, or so it feels. This is day 14 of my headcold (and I had the flu or something for a couple of weeks before that) -- I thought colds were supposed to last 9 days? You know; 3 days coming, 3 days staying, 3 days going. Mine isn't going away and I feel just miserable and sick. I'm exhausted but lying down just makes it worse.

Aiden still has a runny nose but seemed happy and energetic so I sent him to school today. Hope he is ok.

End of whine.

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