Friday, June 22, 2012

Much worse, a little better


On Thursday afternoon I was feeling a little better (and I thought Aiden would probably be ok to go to school the next day) but during the night we both suddenly got a lot worse. I have no idea if it is the same illness or an additional one. As well as the continuing cough and runny nose and sore throat, my back and thighs started aching and my stomach became very delicate and painful. Aiden also called for his daddy about five times. We all had a very restless night.

In the morning Aiden crawled into our bed and stayed there. Neither of us really got up all day. We tried to eat a couple of times but weren't really interested. My poor baby also complained of sore legs and sore tummy. We are drowning in an ocean of used tissues and Tim changes his pillowcase every night because Aiden is leaving his germs all over it all day.

I stayed in bed most of this morning as well but am considerably better this afternoon. Aiden is up and about ok. My body is still achy-tired.

I am so over being sick!

On Thursday I was saying to Tim that I would have to start exercising soon even if it was just walking slowly, had to get back into it somehow; and then the Gods of ill-health strike me down so I can barely even get out of bed just to prove I am no match for them.

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