Sunday, June 3, 2012



I had a pretty quiet weekend while I continued to recover from the flu or whatever; I've been feeling much better but with a tendency to dizziness if I bend over or exert myself. This afternoon we had our ballroom dancing lesson, I found it very tiring especially the spins but it was ok. I had to take a break in the middle of the class and was pretty exhusted by the end.

The teacher started the lesson by saying that he had got something wrong in the intermediate lesson last week. We didn't stay for that, but many people do both. We spent most of the class correcting that error, and then the teacher felt we might as well just go on with that dance so we ended up doing a whole lesson of swing rather than the Vieniese waltz originally scheduled. I enjoyed the lesson but there are a few faults with the class and I am considering looking elsewhere.

Firstly, the instructor is quite hesitant and has made a few errors that he's later had to correct. He frequently consults his dance partner and the dynamic between the two of them is very odd. Secondly, it is probably not competitive enough or moving fast enough for us -- we have learned three "moves" each 45 minute lesson. And thirdly there are several single (elderly) women and Tim and the other men are expected to share themselves around. We are there to dance with each other!

Finally, today there was a bit of a weird and unpleasant experience. You remember the lady who was telling us last week that we would argue about steps? By her own admission,  she argues a lot with her husband; now I can see why. She is a total bitch. My children were with us again; they are extremely quiet and well-behaved but I am the first to admit they chowed down on the food that was laid out for afternoon tea (with my permission). There was plenty of food and the kids ate some then settled down to play their Nintendo DSs. At the end of our lesson I was nibbling on some fruit and the kids also took a piece of watermelon each and this ... woman ... spoke extremely harshly to them about it -- saying it was there for the dancers and they had had too much etc. I would have had no problem with her saying something politely to them, or to me -- I was right there -- but she practically slapped Aiden's hand away and made him drop the fruit. She was very rude and agressive out of nowhere. I was too shocked to say anything to her and I just murmured something reassuring to the kids and spoke to them about it later. What a sad life she must have, if she thinks it is normal to argue with your partner about trivial things and treats children like that. I pity hers, if she has any. The teacher has always been extremely friendly and welcoming to the children and has talked about bringing his own along as they are similar ages, I don't think he would be very happy about this woman's behaviour. It really left me with a bad feeling about the whole class.

I guess I live a very sheltered lifestyle, if someone speaking rudely to my gentle children gets me so riled up. And I am grateful for it.

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