Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not a well face


I got a bit of a shock when I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday evening. I went to my husband and pointed to my face. "Have you seen this?"
"That is not a well face," he agreed.

Urg. Pale and blotchy and red eyes and sore nose (although aloe vera tissues help a lot with that). I had a much better night last night, the runny nose dried up a bit letting me sleep, and I got up this morning intending to get on with life but it turns out I am definitely not well yet. I didn't go to my Weight Watchers meeting, after serious consideration; partly because I wasn't really feeling up to it and partly because I think it is really unfair and inconsiderate to infect others. There is an ad on at the moment for a cold & flu treatment that has a sick woman looking much better and then a scene of her teaching little kids at school. Arg! Infecting a whole room of children! Infectious people should stay home as much as possible.

I think today's weigh-in would have given me a stayed-the-same. I have missed so many meetings, generally through illness. It has been a bad autumn/winter.

I go through definite phases with which exercise appeals to me, lasting 3-6 months. Walking, BodyStep, Zumba, BodyPump, running, Kinect games. Luckily I can go back to an old one after a break, and I think it is time for the gym again. I checked out a reburbished local women's gym(Fernwood) but it didn't particularly impress me, so I think it will be back to my old gym (Club Lime at CISAC) which has a half-price annual membership sale throughout June if I can find a friend to join with -- last time I found a random person on the gym's facebook page. You get the full gym and the pool. As an added incentive, my gym has just started after-school kids' supervised gym classes which look really fun. My kids would both be in the same age group (5-9) which is very convenient and the class is 40 mins which would give me an long enough time-slot to get my own workout in. I would also go to classes in the morning (Pump and Zumba again). I'm thinking of trying a couch to 5 K or similar challenge on the treadmill in those afternoons at the gym, getting myself ready for outside running in spring. Now that I have my iPhone I can do that kind of thing!

Obviously I am not going to start today. I will see how I feel on Monday.

Another reason to return to the gym is that I have been feeling very isolated and I want to get out and see people. Or at least, I feel like I should. I plan to start going to my writing groups again too.

Regarding BodyPump, I am hoping I can do a lot better this time around as my shoulder has improved a lot. I still can't do up my bra, but I can touch the small of my back with my thumb (just). I can remember, not so long ago, when just getting my arm high enough to do my hair was a struggle! I might be able to do all the moves this time. I has been two years since I first injured it, a year and a half since it was at its worst and I got appropriate treatment. Healing is a slow road but I am getting there.

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