Tuesday, June 26, 2012



This morning I refilled the little sugar pot I use for my tea. I never feel like I am having a lot of sugar (I know it is in a lot of processed foods, but I don't drink soda and rarely have sweets); a teaspoon in my tea once or twice a day. But as I poured the white crystals into the pretty container I realised that I empty that little sugar pot on a regular basis. Seen in bulk, like that, it's a lot of sugar!

It is my birthday next Monday. I have made no plans for any kind of party or celebration, mainly because I've been so unwell. I don't think Tim or the kids have done any present shopping yet (although I know they will). Nothing feels birthday-ish. Some people do a birthday week or even a month. I just want a nice day.

I could go out to lunch with Tim. I could invite some people over on Sunday for a casual afternoon tea. I could cook something special for dinner. I think I will do all those. What else can I do next Monday to have a lovely day?

Of course what I want most in the world at the moment is to feel healthy! I'm getting there. I was worse yesterday; with neck glands swollen up like mushrooms, alternate chills and sweats, a hazy feeling almost like delirium. Everything tasted wrong and horrible, even hot chocolate. I thought I was going to sink lower into sickness. But this morning I felt much better. I am blowing my nose a lot and coughing up phlegm (yuck) but it feels like my body is just trying to expell the final germs. I am going to be very careful with myself to avoid a relapse, but I am hopeful.

My weight these past few weeks has gone up and down like a chiuahua on a trampoline as I go between comfort eating and hardly eating at all. I have no idea where it will end up on Friday for my official weigh-in. I need to join the gym this week if I want their special deal. I plan to (finally) take the kids to Club Gecko this afternoon -- I won't exercise today, I'll just watch, but I can join the gym while I'm there. Jasmine has been waiting so long to try this kids' exercise class.

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