Friday, June 8, 2012

WW weigh-in 13: 77.6 kg; up 0.8 kg


I managed to get to my WW meeting this morning after missing the last two due to flu and/or laziness and/or fear of a gain. I always enjoy them when I do go so I need to keep that up. I had a gain of 0.8 kg over those three weeks which was totally expected -- of course that doesn't make it ok!

I can't really remember the topic for today's meeting. The weekly magazine cover says "How to get the most from tracking" and we did talk about how important tracking is, but also other things. I guess we did talk about tracking food, exercise, and emotional state. We were given homework of reading through our weigh-in books and doing the little exercises like writing a letter to yourself.

Today at the shops I saw one man so hugely obese he was in a motorised buggy, unable to walk, and one child of around ten whose neck was as wide as her face and whose arms stuck out at angles from her body because of her bodyfat. Try telling me again you can be healthy at any size? That little girl's parents should be up on child abuse charges.

I get regular emails from author Holly Lisle who runs a writing course, today's topic was the difference between goals and expectations. It was an excellent coverage of that topic and I would copy it here except she expressly forbids doing that, she provides a link to her website:
but the email was actually much better, I think, than this formal post. Anyway; she talked about how a goal is saying you will write a book in a year, an expectation is that a publisher will accept your manuscript. The first is under your control, the second isn't. Confusing expectations for goals can cause much heartache.

This can obviously be applied to weight loss as well. My goals are things like to stay within my ProPoints and do a certain amount of exercise each week -- things under my control. My hope/expectation is to lose weight each week and eventually get to my goal weight. Those things will (hopefully) come in time, but I can't set a goal of losing x amount per week because I am not 100% in control of that. Even if I do everything right, bodies have will sometimes retain water, cling to fat, build heavy muscle etc.

A long list of goals can be a bit daunting, but as usual my weight-loss related goals are:
# Drink at least 6 glasses of fluid a day (it is 5.30 pm and so far I have had 2)
# Track everything I eat and also my exercise
# Earn 50 activity PP a week
# Go to my WW meeting every week even if I don't want to
# Keep within my daily + weekly PP but not use my activity PP, meet the food goals of fruit and dairy etc

That seems like plenty to be going on with.

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