Saturday, June 16, 2012

Planning for when I am well again


I'm still not well enough to exercise and doubt I will be tomorrow either so I am hoping to start at the gym on Wednesday morning (I'm busy Tuesday). I called them (Club Lime at CISAC) this morning and although I haven't found a friend to share the special 2 for 1 joining deal they are still giving me a great price, only a little bit more than the friend one. I have also checked the location of Club Gecko for the kids (it is inside Club Lime, perfect) so I'll take them on Monday and just watch or maybe walk slowly on a treadmill. I haven't waxed my legs for a long long time (it's winter, remember!) so I'll try to get that done before exposing my lily-white legs to the whole gym. I am blonde with very fair hair even on my legs so it isn't that obvious anyway.

I have been doing really well on the housework thing in the past couple of days, tidying the kitchen straight after meals instead of leaving a mess and also working on a big pile of paperwork. That's about as strenuous as I get atm. I was feeling pretty awful yesterday and when Tim took the kids out in the afternoon I went to bed and slept for two hours. Much better after that. Another restless night last night with the runny nose and now a cough, but I'm improving each day.

I'm going to try a couple of WW recipes this week. Usually they don't appeal to me but there were some interesting ones in the last magazine. I just used my frequent flyer points to subscribe to Donna Hay magazine but I don't think those recipes will be quite as healthy!

I've been unwell for at least three weeks straight, but I haven't exercised regularly for a couple of months now and my body is really feeling it. Even aside from the headcold; I don't have as much energy, I'm not sleeping as well, it takes more effort to chose healthy food, my jeans are getting tight, and I think my stomach is sticking out past my breasts again. I am about 2 kg up from my lowest point, which is pretty bad considering I hadn't lost very much to start with. I'm really looking forward to getting fit and healthy again.

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