Monday, June 18, 2012

The germs spread


Today the husband and the boy child were home sick. I am mostly better except for a fierce sore throat, but hopefully it is nearly over. At least I am no longer blowing my nose every few seconds.

Obviously I didn't take the kids to Club Gecko after all, we'll have to wait until another day. Jasmine was disappointed.

I've been keeping up with the housework still, in the kitchen at least, tidying after every meal instead of leaving it to do all at once when the piles of dirty dishes start to topple. Also folded laundry and reorganised the pantry -- throwing out two bags of out-of-date stuff -- so I am doing well.

I did sit at the computer and try to write today, as my next editing job hasn't come in yet, but no inspiration came to me. I did a couple of starts on a short story but it didn't lead anywhere. I think I am definitely an architect not a gardener -- I need to plan what I am going to write not just expect it to grow from a seed of an idea as I type. So I need to do some serious thinking.

I had really fresh healthy meals today. Pity about all the chocolate biscuits in between.

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