Friday, June 29, 2012

Reviewing goals


The turn of the month always seems like a good time to review goals, and it is the last day of June 2012. Halfway through the year, and here in Australia that also means the end of a financial year. Tax time. Oh joy. July is the middle month of winter, and also contains my birthday and a two-week school holiday. My last Friday Weight Watchers meeting will be 20 July, then I'll have to switch to Wednesdays.

Looking back for a moment; in five months at Weight Watchers I have lost 2.7 kg. Not a huge amount, and yet so much better than not having lost that 2.7 kg! I have been sick all June so I'm kind-of writing that off in terms of weight loss effort. I know I have said this the previous couple of months as well, but ... that month wasn't great, next month will be much better. Well, it will! Gotta stay positive, even with today's rampant PMS.

So, my goals. I know I wrote a post about mixing up goals with expectations, but bugger that. My weight-loss goal is to lose another 1.3 kg in the coming 3 weeks, so that I lose 5% of my starting weight while still at my old meeting time with my old leader. I want my congratulatory bookmark! And my fancy Pandora charm! 1.3 kg is certainly a reasonable target to aim for, less than half a kg (about a pound) per week.

I have rejoined the gym with a starting day of Monday, the day after tomorrow (my birthday). As I said in a previous post when I decided to rejoin, I am aiming for 3 morning group classes (BodyPump, Zumba, Body Attack, maybe try Spin) plus 3 afternoon sessions where I'll have 30-40 mins to run on the treadmill or use the crosstrainer etc while the kids are doing their Gecko class.

Food is simple. Follow the Weight Watchers guidelines. Track everything -- I managed to track the whole day yesterday which is a good start. Incorporate more fruit, vegetables, and water into the day. Not necessarily easy, but basic stuff I should be doing every day.

I also want to get back on track with the little daily schedules I made a couple of weeks ago. I stuck to them as best I could for a week, although I couldn't exercise in those timeslots, but then got even sicker and all the writing and housework and everything fell by the wayside. I did find the schedules helpful and now that I am nearly well I can start using them again. Of course weekends are pretty relaxed, although I'll have to do a bit of catching up.

I decided against having a party, the thought of organising it and cleaning the house was just too much. I've invited my best friend and her husband & kids over for tomorrow afternoon. We'll have a cake but otherwise it will just be like our usual playdate and chat. Unfortunately she has come down sick so I don't know if they'll even be able to make it. I'll have a nice afternoon tea with Tim & the kids anyway. Then on my actual birthday I'll go out to lunch with Tim. Gecko & gym with the kids in the afternoon and I'll cook a slightly indulgent dinner with dessert. I could see a movie during the day if there is anything on.

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