Thursday, June 28, 2012

WW weigh-in week 14: 77.5 kg, down 0.1 kg


I find it strange and silly that they still call this my week 14. It is my 14th weigh-in because that is how many meetings I've been to, but I have actually been using Weight Watchers for (I think) 22 weeks. I've just missed quite a few meetings. I missed the past 2 due to being so sick, so this 0.1 kg loss (essentially a STS) is for a 3 week period. It is that TOM, and I'm determined to start exercising on Monday, so I am going for a decent loss this week.

Some big news at the meeting this morning, they are ending the Friday morning timeslot in a few weeks. It only started 6 months ago and they have never got the minimum number of attendees required, which is apparently around 30. Our leader Catherine said we got up to 16 before winter decimated the numbers again, but I have never seen that many there. Today we had 5. It doesn't bother me, now that both kids are at school I can go to the Wednesday lunchtime one. It will be with a different leader, which is a shame, but I'm sure they are all nice. I will be good to have a bigger group. Catherine asked us to keep coming to this one until it finishes.

Today's meeting was about overcoming obstacles. Trying to remember, I certainly don't feel like I came away with any strategies. We talked more about the meeting closing. Now I consider the matter; I think that Catherine is a lovely person, very friendly and helpful, but maybe not a particularly inspiring leader.

She handed out a free sample of a WW chocolate peanut bar and I ate it after the meeting for morning tea. It was like a tiny Snickers but a bit fake tasting. I am really not a fan of pretend sugar. I wish I hadn't wasted 2 PP on it, I would have enjoyed a 0 PP piece of fruit more. While I was walking around the supermarket I was given a free square of Lindt salt chocolate -- I don't regret that one! -- by the same lady who has given me the same sample at least twice before. But I don't mind trying it again.

I am feeling a lot better, a little tired and snotty but generally fairly well. Unfortunately my recovery has coincided with that TOM so I still don't feel at my best. Nevertheless, I am confident of feeling good for my birthday.

I am fully committed to tracking and eating within my ProPoints, so I need to go back to the basic strategy of adding more fruit and vegetables. I will do a little gentle walking over the weekend and then start at the gym on Monday at whatever level I am ready for by then. I will enjoy my birthday without going overboard on food treats.

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