Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out in the cold and stood up


Tim was better today and went to work, little Aiden seemed a bit quiet and didn't eat his usual breakfast (said it tasted wrong) but wanted to go to Kindy so I took him. I made sure his teacher knew he might not be quite well and gave her my mobile number. I was feeling mostly better but still with a bit of a sore throat.

While lying awake last night I worked out an idea for my flash fiction and I meant to write it this morning but somehow didn't manage it in the hour I had at home. I unpacked the dishwasher, put on a load of washing, folded last night's washing, took out some garbage, and read some blogs (which last I wasn't supposed to do until evening). Then I had to go out to meet some friends who have been living overseas for years and are just visiting. It was great to see them and also I had a lovely hot chocolate (pretty restrained, I thought, considering we were at a chocolate cafe and that is all I had) but we sat outside and it was freezing! I have no idea why we were outside (they got there first), they have been living in the tropics where it is hot every day so it must have been even colder for them, but Lou said they missed the seasons ... anyway I know being cold doesn't cause a cold but I don't think it helped with my defences. My sore throat is much worse since.

I went from there to the museum where I was meeting the guy who gives me books to review. Was there over an hour, he didn't show. He texted later that he'd had a migrane -- presumably it was too bad to text me at the time? I wouldn't be cranky about it except that is maybe 4 times out of 6 that he has stood me up. And he never contacts me until much later despite having my mobile number. Anyway, I chatted with another woman who was also waiting for him, we hadn't met before but had emailed each other so that was nice. I had some really horrible fish & chips, I felt greasy and a bit ill for a couple of hours afterwards, but the museum cafe location was just beautiful with huge windows overlooking the lake. The warm sun coming through the glass managed to thaw me out.

Mooched around a bit at home, got the kids from school and Aiden was very subdued and said his stomach hurt. He hadn't eaten his lunch for the first time ever -- it too tasted wrong; he didn't eat much dinner tonight and had a runny nose and said he felt very cold. So he is definitely unwell, my poor baby. He will likely stay home tomorrow even though his class is hosting the school assembly. He will be so disappointed.

D&D tonight. Usual junk food. I wasn't really enjoying the food (although I ate it) or the play; just feeling tired and cold and yuck. I should be in bed right now. So off I go. And I'd better be better tomorrow!

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