Sunday, January 26, 2014



Ok, so I wasn't as "better" as I thought I was, felt pretty sick and miserable yesterday. On the mend today, I hope, although my stomach is saying maybe not.

Monday weigh-in: 82.3kg.
Basically no change.

On Saturday I was determined to work on gratitude and happiness and felt pretty happy all day, just doing my normal things living my normal life. Then Sunday when I felt sick I was very unhappy all day. From the outside my life would have looked much the same, I had a sedentary weekend with lots of reading and watching TV. But on Saturday I was really enjoying that: immersing myself in the exciting book I got for Christmas, getting emotionally involved in a close cricket match on TV, playing a cute new app on my iPhone. On Sunday I did much the same activities but I felt sad and unwell and guilty that I was wasting my life sitting around. What a difference an attitude and/or feeling sick can make.

I wasn't what I was doing that was different, it was how I felt about it.

I need to work on finding the fun and enjoyable aspects of everything, whether that is work or study or exercise or leisure time. The achievement of having a clean kitchen, the taste of a healthy meal (and if I've chosen to have a treat, I need to damn well enjoy it, not spoil it by feeling guilty while I eat it!), the satisfaction of physical exertion, the joy of a good book.

Still working on it.


  1. I always feel sort of grumpy when I'm sick, and then when I get well, I realize how sick I had been. I think it's okay to be a little down over feeling terrible. :D

  2. That's true, I feel so much better today and so much happier!