Thursday, January 23, 2014

Les Liaisons Dangerouses


Much better, thank you. My husband is not feeling so good, but he went to work anyway.

Having a bit of a childish tantrum today. I don't wanna! Why should I have to? Why can't I just eat what I want and not exercise and yet be slender and healthy it's not fair!

As the Marquise de Meteul (sp?) says in Dangerous Liaisons: "You have spent your life making it necessary."

I made pasta with chicken for lunch, I ate mostly chicken but some fettuccini. And I feel so heavy and sleepy now. Not always, but carbs? wheat? something seems to strongly affect me sometimes. My stomach feels bloated and I can hardly keep my eyes open. It wasn't even a big serve.

I am looking forward to school going back and Uni starting in a few weeks to give my life some structure and purpose again. These summer holidays seem so long! And we went away before Christmas instead of after, so that is lots of weeks of just me and the kids at home. It is not really a holiday unless Tim is home as well.

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