Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Losing a wheel


I've heard more about my father-in'law Des' exciting adventure yesterday. He was driving along the highway in the fast lane when a ute (utility vehicle, car with a tray at the back) decided to overtake on the outside and then cut back in too soon, clipping Des' car and knocking him into the steel fence between him and oncoming traffic (that goodness for the fence!). The car scraped along the fence, losing a front wheel and sliding along on the base of the car, quickly coming to a halt on its own which was lucky because the brakes no longer worked with the wheel missing.

A policeman, stopped nearby booking a speeder, got the whole thing on tape. The ute drove a bit further then stopped (possibly only because there was a policeman right there!).

Very frightening, and incredible that neither Des on the fence side nor his girlfriend on the passenger side which was hit by the ute, was hurt. The car was a total write off. They are going to catch a bus home tomorrow and start pursuing insurance. Clearly the other guy's fault, and they have it on tape to prove it.

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  1. I'm glad they were okay. That is really a scary scenario as it could have turned out much worse!