Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wobble board


Today my daughter and I left the boys at home and went out for a marathon four-hour shopping session (for her). Firstly we went to complain about a present I'd got her for Christmas; when she got around to opening the Sims 3 Pets expansion, there was no disk in it! It had a sealing tape sticking it closed, but whoever was supposed to check before putting that on wasn't doing their job that day. My husband had already been in but they wouldn't give him a refund/swap without the receipt (which I couldn't find even though I carefully kept all the Christmas ones together), even though it had their price tag on it and the sealing sticker also had their name. So today I took in my bank statement which listed their shop on it because I bought the game with my debit card and they were able to use the time stamp to bring up a list of all the things I bought on that day. Pretty amazing. And they gave me the game disk.

Then we bought Jasmine new jazz shoes for her dance class, other shoes, shorts, tops and underwear. And some shorts for Aiden (didn't need him there for that). By the end of four hours I was pretty tired, but she would have been happy to keep going and buy more stuff.

I had bought myself new exercise shoes (cross trainers) a few days ago and today I bought myself a wobble board. Not the Rolf Harris kind that he makes music with, the kind you stand on and have to balance while it wobbles. New way to strengthen my core and my ankles, all while watching television. I tried it out a bit in the shop and found it quite tiring very quickly, which is great.

Came home and slept on the lounge for half an hour. Lovely.

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