Monday, January 13, 2014

Food log


Breakfast: two nectarines, tea (with milk and sugar)
Lunch: white bread roll with butter, lettuce and supermarket rotisserie chicken (meat and skin) - delicious!
Snack: two slices watermelon, tea
Snack: leftover roast carrot/zucchini/onion/celery - about two serves of vegetable - I was ravenous at around 5pm and couldn't wait until dinner
Dinner: beef empanadas and salad. (I thought this was a pretty healthy meal, the homemade filling was good, but then I looked up the puff pastry! It was about 300 calories for the relatively small amount.)

Calories: 1325
Exercise: nil
Water (including tea): seven glasses - which means I am pissing like a racehorse

I've been wandering around these last these past couple of hours wanting to snack on something even though I am not at all hungry. Knowing that I am allowed, I could have something else and still be within my calorie limit for the day, really helps me NOT eat anything. I know that sounds contradictory. But it's when I say "no more" that I feel all deprived and frantic. Knowing that I can if I want makes me feel empowered and safe. So I don't need to. Still a niggling desire though.

Looking at the day, I need to start exercising and also I need to work on the quality of my carbs. Less of the nutritionally empty white stuff! Also only had about three serves of veges all day. Decent start though, I had plenty of chances to eat junk food while out shopping with the kids or tripping over the chocolate cupcakes we have here at home. Again, knowing that I could budget for a treat if I really wanted it kept me strong.

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  1. I'm the same way, in that if I run out of calories I feel like I'm being held hostage. However, if I am at the end of the day and I have extra, I feel OK to let it go and not eat them. Yes, totally bizarre, but I'm with you! :)