Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Today I had my first mammogram. I'd been meaning to have one for a couple of years, and of course mum being diagnosed with breast cancer made it more urgent. When I asked her about them she said she'd had one once, years ago, but it was so horrible she never had another one!

Sure it was pretty uncomfortable, enough to bring a tear to my eye. I would rate it about the same as having my blood pressure done, which I hate. I've often wondered if those would hurt so much if I had strong muscular arms instead of wobbly fat ones. The squeezing! The pinching! Anyway, having your bosoms squished flat isn't at all pleasant, but not bad enough to avoid, considering the risks. I can grit my teeth for 10 or 15 seconds (4 times). I'm much more likely to put off going to the dentist.

Tim looked after the kids while I was there then took the car and we came home from the city by bus, which the kids found quite exciting - especially as we got a bendy bus which is like two busses stuck together end to end with an accordion bit in the middle so it can get around corners. There were never more than about six people on it, including the three of us, so it seemed a bit wasted. Presumably it is good for peak hour services.

It's a super stinky hot day so once home, especially without the car, we didn't go out again. I read my last short story for the Award (now I have to duke it out with the other judges to pick a winner), lunch, nap on the lounge under the air conditioner, folded a couple of baskets of clean clothes, watched some TV, made dinner. Slow day.

Breakfast: two nectarines
Snack: cream cheese on crackers, tea
Lunch: Caesar salad (awesome)
Snack: cup of tea
Dinner: T-bone steak, corn, salad
Snack: mini ice cream cone

Calories: 1408
Exercise: 10 mins walking
Water: six glasses (but should drink at least one more before bedtime)

Today was a good day. This afternoon I watched a show detailed the most amazing transformations of past Biggest Loser contestants (the new season starts on Sunday, love that show, very excited). Not just their physical change and makeover, but the change in their mental attitude. Afterwards I was making dinner and smiling to myself, feeling very happy. I love seeing people change their lives and realise that they are strong loveable people after all - and that they always were.


  1. I haven't had one yet, the Dr hasn't said I need one yet (I'm turning 39 in a month.) But, I'm not looking forward to it! Good for you, going!

  2. Yes!! I too am looking forward to the new season of Biggest Loser. I know some people don't approve, but I love seeing people push themselves physically and most of all mentally.

    The psychology of the contestants, seeing how they thought, and judged and compared themselves and convinced themselves that the food they were eating, or their lifestyles 'wasn't so bad' and to see them evolve and completely change their thinking and relearning good habits.... Yep! I'm a fan!

    I'm not in mammogram territory, but my mum's had them. She found hers painful because she's small breasted (B-cup) so they had to work a bit harder to smoosh enough breast tissue between the plates. :-O