Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tender little hands


I'm not sure if I really did well or not at supper last night. I started off by staying away from the table of snacks when people first arrived and had the usual half hour of chatting and eating. I wasn't deliberately avoiding the food, that was just a lucky side effect of my trying to juggle three TV shows I wanted to watch - recording two and watching snippets of the other.

But then I had to join everyone to actually play our game; we go into a different room (what would be a dining room in someone else's house is a library/games room in ours) but we take the snacks with us so I still had it all sitting in front of me. I nibbled at this and that. I didn't feel ill with overeating so that is a good sign. I don't think I had an excessive amount.

Today I vacuumed the house then later did 20 mins of dancing. The vacuuming was more exhausting! (My husband usually deals with the floors.) It hurts my soft baby hands, too, pushing the vacuum over the carpet. Any more and I probably would have raised a blister. I have to laugh at myself sometimes, the only callus I have is from holding a pen --- and just checked, of course that is long gone! How often do I hold a pen nowadays? On long walks the soles of my feet give out long before my muscles do. I guess I just have very carefully protected tender skin. I always wear gloves for washing dishes or gardening, and always shoes with socks, even in my own house.

My daughter's birthday tomorrow. I can hardly believe I have a very-nearly-ten year old. Surely I'm not old enough or responsible enough for that?


  1. Time does fly when it comes to kids! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

    I need to wear gloves more often to protect my hands. They are not baby soft.

  2. My hands are rough, I don't protect them enough (and I use them an awful lot!) :) Happy birthday to your daughter!

  3. I know how you feel, my oldest turns 11 on Tuesday, Eeeekk! Happy birthday :)