Tuesday, January 14, 2014



I spent the morning reading and I have now read all but one of the nearly-200 short stories I had committed to read. One left! I just didn't have time to read that one and give it the attention it deserved. Tomorrow.

In the afternoon the kids and I went to see "Frozen". They had already seen it with grandad but I didn't go that day, and they wanted to see it again. Very good kids movie, entertaining for adults too. Lots and lots of singing! It was nicely cool in the theatre, scorching outside.

Today's food intake:

Breakfast: a mango, a quarter of a peach from our own garden, half a passionfruit, tea
Snack: cream cheese on wholegrain crackers
Lunch: leftover san choy bau (pork and lots of vegetables in lettuce cups)
Snack in movie: three squares of Crispello Cadbury chocolate
Snack after movie: a banana
Dinner: satay chicken with lots of vegetables on quinoa. I love quinoa but rarely cook it because I'm the only one who eats it, everyone else has rice. At least I've changed them from Jasmine rice to Basmati. They won't eat brown!
Supper during Dungeons and Dragons: a cider, a cupcake (which I made myself) and a couple of slices of watermelon. Within my calories for the day and doing well. Then the Burger Rings came out. And I caved. And ate and ate. Then had a row of chocolate. In all, my evening binge was worth over 1000 calories. As usual, feel all yuck. And frustrated with myself.

Calories: 2326
Exercise: nil
Water: 7

I felt like I was doing well today, lots of vegetables and fruit, healthier carbs, a small treat at the movies. And then, as usual, I didn't make it through the Tuesday evening junk-fest unscathed. So what if people bring tempting rubbish? I am totally in control of my own actions. Yes, it is harder when the stuff is right in front of me, but I do not relinquish responsibility for what I put in my mouth. I will do better.


  1. I find it helps to have something to eat, even if it isn't what they are eating. Eating nothing makes me feel more deprived than eating a healthy alternative. :)

  2. That's a good plan. I've tried it in the past and generally found that everyone wants what I am having anyway (like Greek yoghurt with fresh berries in cocktail glasses to look like a fancy dessert). I'll try that again.

  3. I'm fellow late-evening muncher. *sigh* Even though I've eaten enough in the day, it's still hard. :(

    Have you tried the 'brushing-your-teeth-when-you-are-finished-eating' trick? For some people, brushing your teeth in the evening is a good cue to signal your brain that you are done with eating for the day. On top of which, many foods taste bitter and gross after toothpaste, so the enjoyment of eating those foods are gone.
    Also, as a lazybones, I find I don't want to brush my teeth again, so it's easier to leave it.