Saturday, January 4, 2014

Too hot


I've really been struggling with the heat the past few days. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping at night, and then dozing off into an uncomfortable hot stupor during the day. Too hot to move. But the coming week is forecast for much milder temperatures so things should get better.

Tim goes back to work on Monday, still four (or is it five?) weeks of school holidays left. Have to start thinking of things to do with the kids. It will depend a lot on the weather. Air-conditioned movies sound pretty good at the moment!


  1. Ha, I wrote about the hot weather in my latest post too! :)
    I remember when I lived in Canberra, I seemed to have a limit to the overnight temperatures. 15*C was bearable, but once it reached 16* - that was it - sheets off, nightie off! Until about 2am when the temperature dropped so much it was too cold for just a sheet and I reached for the doona. *Rolls eyes* Goodness how I don't miss that.
    And up here in Qld, I know what you mean about the dozing into a stupor during the day. It happens to me too.

    If the weather is still warm, do you think you might take the kids swimming? Is the water park still there at Jamison? Big Splash? Many childhood memories from there. :) Are they old enough to appreciate Questacon? or the Aquarium?

  2. Queensland is a lot hotter than Canberra at the moment! You must be sweltering!

    We are very near Big Splash but I don't like it much because there is very little shade and we burn easily. We go to CISAC's indoor pool. But they love Questacon and a few of the other indoor things here.