Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Highlights and lowlights


Here we are on the last day of the year. The highlight of 2014 for me was writing my book. I was hoping to have it polished by now, ready for people to read and comment on, but at least I completed a whole book! And did one round of editing. Obviously the major lowlight has been my mum's health. She's mostly had a good year - given that she has terminal cancer - but these last couple of months she has been going from bad to worse.

Those two things stand out so strongly for me that I can't even think of any other 2014 events right now. Oh well, I've got a whole blog to reread if I feel inspired to check.

My weight has fluctuated a little bit throughout the year, not much, and I am ending 2014 at the same weight I started. I was 82.5 kg on 1st Jan and I was 82.7 kg yesterday. At this moment I really don't care. I'm sure it will become a priority again at some point.

One of the stressors in the past couple of weeks has been mum's Will. She made a new one when she first got sick last year, but recently wanted to make a change to it. We wrote it up (my husband is a lawyer) but it was really difficult to get two witnesses at the same time who weren't beneficiaries, at the hospital when mum could barely hold a pen to sign. We finally got it done, and I gave a copy to my uncle who is the executor. Then today my uncle contacts me and says the will is not valid because blah blah with reference and you'll need to do it again even though mum is barely conscious most of the time. Um, no sir, that is the Act for another state and doesn't apply in mum's state see this actually relevant reference and by the way you do know that my husband is an effing lawyer? (I didn't say that last bit). Sigh. The new Will pleased all the relevant parties (mum, me and my brother) and I hope my uncle isn't going to be a pain about it.

I hope everyone has a lovely NYE and a wonderful New Year.

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