Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gold Class


This weekend we drove to Sydney. My husband's cousin's baby turned one and we got up early to get to the party on time. It's an important day for little Eliza because she was born very premature, but now a year later she is absolutely fine. It was great to be there to celebrate. Originally they had planned an outdoor event but the forecast was for storms so they moved it to their tiny flat. The storm didn't eventuate until much later, so it was very hot and muggy and crowded, but still lovely to see the family.

Then my sister-in-law took charge of my children and Tim and I went off to the movies. She had bought me a gift card last Christmas and it was about to expire. It was for a "Gold Class" movie experience - where there are about 30 big armchairs in the theatre and the waiters bring you food and drinks during the movie. We hadn't used it before because the theatre was in the middle of the city - a city several hours away from our house - the idea being that part of the present was her babysitting for us. We saw Hunger Games 3. And I indulged on my food choice. They had a chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and possibly other stuff I can't remember from the menu, all made with Lindt Swiss chocolate - my favourite brand. They brought it to me in the dark of the theatre in some kind of jar (maybe a mason jar, is that what that is? I don't understand that trend at all, a silly way to serve food) - a big jar! - and I spooned things into my mouth without being able to see what I was eating. It was utterly delicious. Except the mouthful of unadulterated cream. I would have preferred to have that shared throughout other spoonfuls. I didn't eat the whole thing, but it was probably still about a million calories. If dessert calories can ever be said to be worth it, then that was. The movie was pretty good too.

We were actually very lucky to get in at all, considering that when I booked online last Tuesday I somehow booked for that day (last Tuesday) instead of Saturday as I had intended. I had noticed the website kept reverting back to "today" but I thought I had been very careful checking I had the right day and time - right up until I handed over the printout of the ticket and saw the girl's face. Because the session was only half full they just assigned us tickets anyway, which was nice of them.

After the movie we had Thai food, a restrained amount, then went back to my sister-in-law's house. They had Just Dance going and I made myself join in. I love dancing, but I usually avoid exercise when it is so hot and humid, especially when not in gym gear. I get very uncomfortable very quickly. However, I had had plenty of extra calories that I needed to burn off, so I got up and danced. It was a really enjoyable day.

Today wasn't so fun. We went to visit my mother, who also lives in Sydney. She really isn't well. She was very tired and needed a nap even during the few hours we were there. She is eating almost nothing. She struggles to keep down even a couple of bites. I don't see how she can keep going with no food. Her next oncologist appointment is Tuesday, maybe they will have some answers. But it is very worrying. We talked about where she keeps all her financial records, and how I need to have her doctor's phone number. Preparing for the worst. If she gets too weak to look after herself does she go into hospital? Do I leave the kids here with Tim and go live with her for a while, hours away, leaving Tim to work long hours and cope without me? I don't know what is going to happen.

Long drive home. I'm feeling tired and stressed and worried.

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