Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas shopping


I have spent a lot of the past two days Christmas shopping. Four hours shopping alone yesterday then after school I took the kids up and bought them new shoes and helped them find things for daddy - another two hours. This is the first year they are spending their own money on presents for us and each other instead of putting their name to something we've paid for. They are even willingly doing extra chores to earn more money so they can spend it on us, isn't that lovely! Today I was at the shops for another three hours, although that wasn't all for Christmas. My feet are so tired!

I have (I think) finished shopping for Tim and my children, plus I've got a couple of things for other people. Still plenty of other relatives to buy for. Still, husband and children are the main ones. I love Christmas shopping. So many lovely things, and happy music playing. I generally have a list but I also make some impulse buys. My problem is thinking of suggestions for me. First world problem: I already have everything!

I got waxed this morning and was chatting about Christmas shopping with my beautician. She was worried and angry about a parcel that hasn't arrived, her present for her boyfriend, and was talking about how upset she is with Australia Post. Being waxed during that was an interesting experience. "So then they did this..." RIP! "And then I called and told them..." RIP! Quickest leg wax I've ever had. Actually one of the least painful, oddly enough.


  1. You're brave!! RIP--Ouch!!!
    Bravo to you for shopping early and your kids using the money they earned--that's so nice!
    I always seem to wait until the last minute to do mine!

  2. I hate Christmas shopping. Any shopping for gifts actually. I'm one of those people that give the lamest gift ever. I just never seem to get inspired for gift giving when pushed to it, only if I happen to see something on the spur of the moment.
    What is it about mums that makes them tricky to buy for? My Mum is impossible to buy for too, because either she has everything, or anything she wants, she gets it herself!