Sunday, December 21, 2014



I spoke to my brother yesterday morning, after mum hadn't answered her phone. He mentioned that she'd been feeling worse and her medication was being changed. What he didn't mention was that she had been admitted to hospital on FRIDAY NIGHT. I am so stressed and angry and agitated. How could he not tell me that? Apparently he thought she would call me, from hospital, on her mobile. But she's sick, and couldn't find her phone, and never did. He called me this morning, I think after talking to mum and finding out she hadn't spoken to me.

Of course we are getting ourselves organised to go to Sydney. I just had to sit down for a minute to write out my frustration and worry. It generally helps me. Not feeling much better right now though.


  1. That was pretty thoughtless of him. Hoping you find some peace along the way, though.

  2. Sincerely hoping things are improving quickly. You're in my thoughts and prayers.