Sunday, December 7, 2014

Into the home stretch of dietbet


My third week of dietbetting, like the second, was basically a maintain. I had lost a little bit but then the weekend happened. So out of the three weeks sofar, I only lost weight on the first.

This means that with slightly over a week to go, allowing for a 48 hour weigh-out window, I need to lose 2kg! This is only even remotely possible because, after two weeks maintenance, it's like starting a new diet with at least a kg of water weight to drop. A big call though. I am giving it a really good try, eating clean and low carb and exercising.

Even if I ultimately fail (but I'm not giving up!) I am still really happy I did/am doing the dietbet. This time of year I normally would already be into all the Christmas treats. Celebrating with food way too early. This year I've had only a little, here and there. Maintaining my weight instead of gaining. So if I sometimes have an errant thought that this was a bad time of year to try dietbet, NO! It is the best time of year to do it!

I had a bit of an experience online today. I was playing World of Warcraft, in which you share the game world with lots of other real people and can see their avatars running around and interact with them if you like. I was trying to trap clefthoof (big shaggy animals) for their skins, which involves attacking them so they chase you into the trap. There was another person there doing the same, a female avatar so I'll say "she", but she kept going for the same animals I was. In Wow whoever hits an enemy first tags it which means they get whatever benefit comes from that creature when it is dead - its treasure, fur, experience or whatever - even if someone else eventually kills it. I would be winding up for a big damaging spell, which takes a couple of seconds, and she would jump in front of me and attack "my" animal. She did this several times even after I tried to go right up the other end of the field away from her. It was very annoying.

I got a bit cranky and did something very unlike me - I went for revenge! Usually I shrink from any kind of confrontation. I'd let her tag the animal but then I'd kill it before it got into her trap, so she had a big useless dead animal, not what she wanted for this particular purpose. After maybe three times she asked me to stop, I did it once more and told her why I'd done it, then stopped. And she told me she had "reported" me - i.e. told the Wow authorities about me! Seemed like a very trivial thing to report someone about, but I doubt there will be any repercussions and I am quite prepared to defend myself if anyone contacts me.

I went onto the general chat feed, read by everyone currently in the same country we were in, and without mentioning any names I was like "how exciting, someone just reported me" and told my side, then she jumped on and told her side (i.e. lied) and called me a liar and I was totally pumped with adrenalin and sort-of having fun. The interesting thing was everyone who responded seemed very much on my side which surprised me considering I had been a bit mean really. But I think it was an attitude thing - she sounded really aggressive and defensive and not very likable whereas I tried hard to be relaxed and not nasty about it. I was all pumped up for ages afterwards. And I'm not sorry. Don't I lead a sheltered life!

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