Saturday, December 20, 2014

The past few days


I ended up winning $42.02 on dietbet - that is my $25 stake back plus $17.02 profit. Of course the money isn't the real prize (if it was it wouldn't be worth four weeks hard work!) but it is a nice motivator. I haven't weighed myself since then. I plan to do another dietbet after Christmas.

The kids' last day of school for the year was Wednesday, Tim worked until Friday but is now on holidays too. On Thursday I babysat a friend's children as she was working, they were here all day. Luckily they are very good friends with my children and they had a great time. When they were younger such a long day could sometimes be a bit too much, but it was fine.

Friday was cake day. I decided to buy the kids a treat when we were out shopping, Aiden chose potato chips but Jasmine and I decided we would get a some cake from a really good bakery nearby. It doesn't sell by the slice but it does have quarters - big enough for three generous slices. But when we got there the cake we wanted wasn't available by the quarter, only whole or half. After some dithering I bought a half. Six slices for two people (neither my son nor my husband like chocolate cake, even with chocolate and strawberry cream). We had a slice for morning tea. And afternoon tea. And dessert after dinner. Urg. It was really really good cake, with real ingredients not processed junk. But this is why I haven't dared weigh myself! I'm not proud of cake day.

We didn't host Christmas last year and won't this year, but I love cooking and I wanted to try a turducken (duck inside chicken inside turkey - in this case using just the breast of each) so tonight we are having a "Christmas in December" as I'm calling it (yes that is a joke). We'll have a little/big Christmas style dinner just for us. We watched the Carols last night from Sydney and the kids have been doing some Christmas crafts and decorating.

Mum is getting worse. She no longer wants to talk on the phone. I have talked to my brother but it's harder to get all the information I want from him. I think her doctor has changed her medication again and has moved up some other appointments. I'll see her in a few days and may stay after Christmas. I'm not sure what I can do for her. I feel like she should be in hospital, since she can still hardly eat. She seems to be going downhill fast. I lie awake worrying. I can at least prepare some food for her, she asked specifically for soup, and take that.

We are going over to a friend's house for brunch. I really haven't felt like socializing this year but I guess I can't just sit at home and worry, that doesn't help anyone.

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