Saturday, December 27, 2014



I slept so much better in my own bed! And with the CPAP, which I didn't take to Sydney because the car was so full and because we were staying in four different places. But I reckon I had eight hours last night, which was amazing.

This is the wallpaper I chose for the lock screen on my new iPad. Cool huh?

The kids (and adults) have been having a great time relaxing and playing with all their presents. Christmas away from home can be tricky because they can't play with many of the things - like I wouldn't let Aiden open any of his new Lego (he got five sets) or anything else with small pieces that would get scattered and lost. So they open all this exciting stuff on the day then it gets packed away again in the suitcases and not used for another couple of days. The loungeroom floor is now completely covered in bits and pieces. Jasmine and I sat together last night and did some colouring-in and I really enjoyed it. I gave Tim a huge screen for his computer and he has a new game so he is happy. It's so nice to be home.

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