Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Christmas shopping


After a thunderstorm last night that cooled the air, I had a much better sleep last night. I only woke a couple of times, and had my CPAP on for around 5 hours. I might have had around 8 hours sleep for once. Awesome!

I had another long session of Christmas shopping today. I am very close to finished, apart from helping my husband chose things for his side of the family. Mum had asked me recently to print out some photos for her (I rarely print out photos anymore, I just have them on my computer) and I decided that my Christmas present to her would be a digital photo frame. I spent about three hours yesterday sorting through a few year's worth of photos for the ones she would like (family, no silly faces). I hope she likes it, but she is not that keen on technology so if she doesn't like having the screenshow on the digital frame I'll just print them out for her. She can chose the ones she likes best.

I know some adults don't exchange presents but we love it. And it's (usually!) not a matter of getting a whole lot of things you didn't want. During the year we don't just go out and buy everything we want when we want it, we save up our desires for Christmas and birthdays, and spend a lot of time and thought on getting a mix of things we know the other person would want/have asked for and random good ideas that we hope they will like. I don't think it is (totally) about commercialism, it is a way of showing love and caring. And why should the kids have all the fun?

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