Monday, December 1, 2014



I felt so much better today. It was easy to get myself to the gym! Feeling well and not tired makes such a big difference in motivation. I'm not sure why I felt so much better today. Yesterday I ate lots of carbs, which does help, and last night I had a sore throat so didn't even try to use my CPAP. Ironic to get a better night's sleep without it.

Anyhoo, I did 45 mins on the elliptical hiking through Yosemite which was very pretty (my least favourite so far was the Grand Canyon, lots of bare rock) then 15 mins on the bike riding through the French Alps. I increased the difficulty level to 8 on both machines which means up to 11 on the hills. I was absolutely dripping sweat by the end, and I could feel waves of heat coming off my head. Yet I was still outdone by a very fit looking heavily pregnant woman who was charging along on the elliptical when I got there and still going when I left. I'm not really comparing myself to other people though, I did well today. So nice to get home and into a cool shower.

I find the bike very challenging as it requires the use of muscles I don't seem to possess... but all the more reason to use it and get that core engaged.

My legs are totally aching now. Ouchy.

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  1. Hi Nat,
    I'm curious about the elliptical that you use which has all these programs - Yosemite, Californian Forest, Grand Canyon. Is is just a program on the elliptical so you have a varied "terrain" which I'm picturing as inclines and speeds, or is there an actual visual component to it as well?
    Because if there's an actual visual component, of scenery scrolling by as you walk - that's pretty cool! : )
    In either case - sounds like you had a good day exercise wise. Nice