Friday, July 3, 2015

A big hole


I had a lovely day yesterday. It had the three things important to me on a birthday. Firstly being surrounded by people I love; my husband had the day off work to spend time with me, my kids were home after school, and I received lots of phone calls and texts and facebook messages. Of course I missed my parents, my first birthday since their deaths. Secondly the lovely presents I got yesterday; I spent quite a lot of time either colouring in or playing with my new iPhone. And thirdly food! Yes food is still a bit part of celebrating for me. I ate a gazillion calories -- actually my best guesstimation on fitbit was about 2,700 -- but I did keep my almost-diabetic state in mind and managed my carbs/sugar throughout the day. For instance I had a chicken breast in cream sauce for lunch (few carbs) then half a sweet dessert. And at dinner I had another third of a different dessert. Never too many carbs at one time, to keep my blood sugars steady even if I wasn't exactly eating healthy! And I had ten glasses of water.

Tim is home again today but unfortunately sick this time. We've both had various flu symptoms this week. My back is really aching today and I'm feeling generally yuck. I have not felt sick enough to stay in bed but Tim spent the morning in bed which means he is pretty bad. At least we were both more or less ok for my birthday yesterday so we could enjoy the day.

The man the insurance company appointed to fix the ceiling in the studio/junk room/rumpus (it's called rumpus by real estate agents so I'm going with that) came today and I thought that saga would finally be over. This is what it looked like before:

And at the end of five hours work, and the tradesman going home, here is the after:

Um, is this an improvement? There is a huge hole in the ceiling and lots of visible nails in the plaster beside it holding up that sheet, and new cracks where he pushed the sagging plaster up to nail it on. He didn't have the right cornice and will have to order it, he grumbled that he hadn't been given all the information, and then he decided that the whole room needs to have the ceiling replaced and has gone away to get approval from the insurance company even though I told him we are probably knocking the whole room down in a few months. I don't know if he is incompetent, or trying to get more money out of them, or if the ceiling truly does need the work. I don't have any choice in tradesmen since I handed it over to the insurance company, so I just have to wait. It is a complete mess now. Oh well, I guess we'll get a completely new ceiling which will look nice if we sell. It better look nice, or there will be trouble, I don't care how shy I am. But it is dragging on and on and we can't use that room and have all the stuff that was in it cluttering up the house and garage. Since I'm not feeling well today I think I found it particularly difficult to deal with the whole situation.

Definitely not as nice a day as yesterday.

Report card:
Diet: Mixed. I did well all day until takeaway dinner driving home from ballet.
Exercise: Poor, but I was sick so that is ok.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Ok.
Mental health: Poor.

Hopefully everything will be better tomorrow.


  1. The ceiling issue sounds quite a bit like incompetence, which incidentally sometimes leads to money grabs, blërg!

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday, hope you guys snap out of whatever sick strain you guys are bouncing around with, specially Tim.

  2. Hi Natalie, I'm just catching up on your posts... 5 hours to cut the ceiling off, he would not be someone that work on any thing for me, ridiculous. I'm no tradesman but I could have done that in 15 minutes.