Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Last day at 44


I couldn't use my CPAP last night due to nasal congestion, but I feel much better today. Hopefully I've washed away those germs with all the water I drank yesterday.

My daughter had a little expo at school this morning, her class was showing off a recent project they did on animal biomes. Jasmine and her friend Jedda did a diorama and poster about the polar bear.
The black pellets are apparently representing polar bear poo. I didn't ask whether the polar bears were supposed to have built the snowman themselves, and if so where did they get the scarf and hat?

Tim and the kids rode their bikes up to the school and I walked. It was so cold, and very foggy. This is the school oval with the school in the background but you can't see it at all.

Tears seemed to freeze on my cheeks which was very painful, and my glasses fogged up. I could have driven there, but it is less than a kilometre away and I'm trying to get more activity in. And the kids do it every day, and Tim rides to work in every weather. I am just not used to it, safe in my warm cocoon of a home.

Back home, I spent several hours cooking. A healthy lunch, and soup, and casserole for tonight. I was really clumsy today, spilling things badly several times and also nearly tripping over myself. I'm sure it's the result of this flu or whatever messing with my inner ear. Probably not a good day to take up tightrope walking over Niagara Falls.

I did a meditation in the afternoon which of course segued into another brief nap. The program wakes me up at the end (when I count to five you will wake up -- it works); I really should turn that option off! That way I might get more than 20 minutes sleep.

With just two days of healthy eating plus drinking lots and lots of water, I have lost 1.5 kg, nearly all the extra weight I gained in the past few weeks. The problem will be keeping it off -- it's my birthday tomorrow! Tim and I are going out to lunch and I will have dessert, but I will try not to go overboard. 45 years on this earth, that is something to think about.

Report card:
Diet: Excellent.
          Breakfast: High fibre oats with linseed and Nutella, only half an "instant" serve as I was in a hurry. Cup of tea an hour later after I got back from the school.
          Morning snack: Cheese and crackers. Apple.
          Lunch: Quinoa "fried rice" with chicken and vegetables. One piece of chocolate.
          Afternoon snack: Two bowls of homemade spicy roast tomato soup. Cashews. Tea.
          Dinner: Chicken and olive casserole.
Exercise: Ok. Only did the walk to the school and back.
Water: Excellent. Ten glasses.
Sleep: Ok. No CPAP.
Mental health: Ok.


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you! Enjoy your birthday dessert, and then get right back on plan. It sounds like you've been doing very well.

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow Natalie! Enjoy yourself, and your just desserts ;) Birthdays are always special. And a nice reminder that you've clocked up another year.

    By the way, you made me chuckle for the line about tightrope walking over Niagara Falls. My ma gets really clumsy and dropsy when she's tired, so I feel like I could picture exactly what you meant.

    And you maybe made me a wee bit homesick. Up here in Qld, we just don't get that same sort of cold you've described - that real stinging cold. As you've said, your kids & husband walk in it every day. As a child, I had such terrible eczema that I couldn't wear jumpers or trackdaks. So I just learnt to toughen up in the cold, which of course, as mentioned in Canberra is COLD. So now even in winter here, I'm wandering around in short sleeve shirts and knee length pants. Which makes everyone else complain. Oops!

    Last note - your water intake is great! I always struggle with drinking water, especially in winter. I can go for 2-3 without drinking any actual water, just from whatever food I've eaten and my cup of coffee in the morning. I really want to commend you on that.

    Happy birthday again.