Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Roof, maybe?


The cleaner came this morning so I had no trouble convincing myself to get out of the house, anything to get away from the chemical smell of cleaning fluids! I'm not sure how I feel about the chemicals, but he does a good job and it's lovely to have a clean house. It doesn't smell for too long. I went for a half hour walk, enjoying the fresh air and buying some apples and tomatoes along the way.

I spent a lot of the day doing some critical reading for someone in my writing group. Their manuscript is really good - I didn't want to stop reading!

There has finally been progress on the roof of my rumpus/studio/junk room. After another call; "oh, didn't he call you back?" the tiler came and did the first half of the work; he had to let something or other dry before he continued. Several hours later it was getting dark, and we went to Jasmine's dance lesson. No idea if he came back to do the second half in the gloaming, or if maybe he'll come back tomorrow. I have organised for the plasterer to finish the inside on Friday. We may actually have a usable room by the weekend! Hopefully it will be waterproof this time. I would love to be able to move all the stuff back in there. We need an exercise section - with the treadmill and the weights and balance disc, and a music section with the drum kit and the keyboard, (we also have a guitar, trumpet, violin, flute and piano accordion but they don't take up so much space so we can keep them in the main house. The drum kit takes up half of Aiden's bedroom.) and a storage section for about a dozen boxes full of books and various other stuff. Christmas decorations, camping stuff that got used once (and not by me!), clothes that might fit me one day... We don't have an attic or basement like I read about other countries having in their houses, so this room is where all this stuff needs to go. It will be so good to have the room usable again, and with new flooring and a ceiling that doesn't leak! And the main house less full of clutter.

I've been testing my blood glucose and so far the only thing that sent my levels high was that same chocolate I had after the pasta yesterday. Today I had some by itself, so it was a lot less total carbs in one go, but my blood glucose levels still went up high. It was not quality dark chocolate, it was milk chocolate with a sugary filling. Hmm, maybe I can have pasta after all. As long as I have it without a sugar chaser! Everything else I've eaten over the past couple of days has been completely fine - including starchy carbs like the fajitas last night. I will continue to eat a variety of foods and check my blood two hours later so I know my personal limits.

Report card:
Diet: Good.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Still some work to do before bedtime.
Sleep: A bit better, at least my CPAP was working and I kept it on until 5am. Still restless.
Mental health: Good.


  1. Did I mentioned where I stand about sugar? Or dark chocolate? Give your pancreas a break Natalie, eat fruit, eat natural, stay away from the other junk, you can do it!

    We move from a big house with a basement, a shed and all kind of storage space to a tinny home. We had to get a lot of junk out of the way, and you know what, doesn't missed any of it. We got rid of books, memorabilia, souvenirs from other countries, we were rude-less, but we are so glad to be de-cluster!

    1. No, I'm sure you've never mentioned your stance on sugar. You love it, right?