Thursday, July 9, 2015



We managed to get out of the house today. We started with a short walk around the edge of the local lake. I was told my new iPhone6 would take much better pictures than my 4S but so far I have struggled. Presumably my fault as a photographer. But sometimes it just won't respond to me pressing the button and I stand there jabbing at it while it takes forever to actually take a photo, which doesn't improve my aim, steadiness, or patience.

I don't think I've ever seen a white swan, even in a zoo. Funny to think that in parts of the world white swans are normal and black swans unusual!

I tried to take some photos of our new curtains this evening, but the light was bad and didn't show the colours truly (and also there was too much mess in the foreground!) so I'll have to try again in full daylight.

After our walk we went to the library for a while and borrowed lots of books. I found an old "Choose Your Own Adventure" for Aiden which he thinks is fun but frustrating finding the way through the maze of choices to the happy ending.

We had lunch at the shops -- crepes -- and then took a treat (Burger Rings for me) into the movies where we saw Minions. It was a fun movie, but I think the combination of high carb lunch then highly processed carb snack sent me into a bit of a carb coma. Even though I was enjoying the movie, I fell asleep. When I got home I tested my blood sugars, and even though it was three and a half hours after I'd started lunch (two hours is usually considered the peak) and the level was unacceptably high. I don't take this lightly, although I obviously wasn't thinking about it at the time. It is not a "treat" to make myself sick! Two of the books I borrowed from the library are about blood sugars and avoiding diabetes etc, I'll be using them to get my head back in the right space. I know what I need to do, but reading about it again helps keep me mindful. Until I get into some kind of habit, I need to remind myself again and again. Mostly natural foods! Not too many carbs at once! As soon as I got home I had some homemade chicken soup, I was craving protein!

Aside from this, it was a nice day out and I felt like we'd finally done some holiday things.

Report card:
Diet: Poor.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Ok.
Sleep: Poor. I'm still not completely over my unwellness and it seems to get worse at night, including nausea and stomach pains. I haven't been using my CPAP consistently; either only for a few hours or not at all, because of the various symptoms.
Mental health: Good.


  1. Sounds like a fun, busy day Natalie! That Minions movie is sure being advertised heavily in my area but hasn't come out yet.

    I'm a type 1 diabetic so am sympathetic to blood sugar woes!

    Other than the camera, how do you like the iPhone 6 so far? I am thinking of trading up to it from my 5. I think the size of the plus would be better for my eyesight, just not sure if it will be too large though.

    Looking forward to seeing the curtain pics. Enjoy your books!

    1. I am loving my iPhone 6, mainly because of the screen size because I haven't really explored whether it can do anything different. I had been worried about the size since I carry it around in my jeans pocket but it fits fine. And hasn't bent!

  2. I'm curious as to what burger rings are? I'm from England but live in the U.S. and I've never seen a black swan, only white.

    1. Burger rings are a processed chip snack probably made of a combination of corn and rice, in a little puffed circle - I don't know what you have there to compare to. Like Cheetos? Cheezles? They are kind of cheese and spicy tomato flavour. Very processed, very salty and fatty and high-GI carbs. Not really something anyone should be eating, but tasty.

  3. Yes, probably cheetos but a different shape. We have "onion rings" here that are round in shape but they are not orange like cheetos. Thanks for responding, I apologise for not signing my name in previous comment.