Saturday, July 4, 2015

Movie day


We were supposed to drive to Sydney today to see family but we are a bit of a house of sickness at the moment. Tim seems mostly better but I'm a bit worse and now Jasmine has come down with it. she never usually gets sick. So it's been a sitting around at home day. We watched the dance movie "Step Up" and were able to predict the whole plot from the start, but it was still entertaining. Then I took a nap. And in the evening we watched "Night at the Museum", which we also hadn't seen. I'm afraid that was my day.

Report card:
Diet: Good. Didn't even have a cupcake that my husband made.
Exercise: Nil, which is fine.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Ok.
Mental health: Ok. I'm sick, but not sad.


  1. Which Step Up did you watch (there is like 5)? I've seen all of them and they are all equally cheesy and predicable, yet entertaining lol. I've seen Night at the Museum as well , I haven't seen the sequels however.

    Sounds like a rather nice mild day.

  2. Walk away from the cupcake? That walking, I would have put it in my exercise on the report card LOL