Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blah day


I woke this morning feeling a bit sad and out of sorts, and the feeling was reinforced by various events of the day.

Damnit. I called the real estate agent to arrange seeing that house we really liked which was supposed to go to auction in two weeks - and it sold yesterday. Within our price range. I knew we should have cancelled the relatives visit and go down last weekend so we could make an offer if we liked it. But I suppose we couldn't have because we still don't have an answer from Tim's work, and won't this week (hopefully next week but who knows). So it's Tim's work's fault. Anyway, we had only seen pictures on the internet so who knows if it was right for us? I do. I know it was. Sigh. Feeling a bit down about that.

I shouldn't even look at other houses online until we get a firm offer from his work. But I like looking at houses!

...Looked at more houses online. Nothing I liked.

The tiler came back this morning (I thought he must not have yesterday, it was getting dark) to finish the roof, which is fine with me, I just wanted it done. So now the outside is done, yay! Something good happened today.

And I went for a walk. It has been cold all week but my wattle tree seems to think Spring is on its way:

I've always been blonde but the past ten years or so my hair has been gradually getting darker, to "blondish". For about a year I've been lightening it out of a bottle. This afternoon, after the kids got home, I applied the stuff then sat around for the required 45 minutes. The instructions are covered in warnings to not go longer than that. I was just about to jump in the shower to wash it off when there was a knock at the door, and I heard Aiden open it (which he shouldn't have done). I had to rapidly pull some clothes back on and rush out there. It was a neighbour, so I stood in the doorway in the winter chill and chatted for a couple of minutes, aware all the time of my inadequate clothing, freezing feet, and bleaching hair! Luckily he only stayed a couple of minutes and the colour turned out fine.

My brother is really irritating me at the moment (when does he not?). But I just came back and deleted the long rant I wrote about that.

I feel like a pincushion at the moment with all the finger-prick tests, but interesting the only thing I've eaten that has raised my blood sugar continues to be that sweet chocolate I had twice. I have not been restricting my foods particularly, in fact I deliberately ate some dark chocolate this afternoon - blood glucose was fine. I had pasta again. Fine. Potato. Fine. I had a large amount of starch at lunchtime and my blood glucose went up a bit - but still within the normal range. Only the really sugary stuff has affected me. (Before anyone criticises my deliberate testing, I remember recently someone who got sunburnt just to see if they had lost enough weight to change the pattern of red!) I know from past testing that processed rice products - both 2 min/ramen noodles, and rice crackers, affect my bgls, and they are not sweet so I will keep trying and testing some more. I need to buy more test strips!

I've been watching a new reality cooking show Hotplate in which restaurants from around Australia compete, and I've been to the Sydney one that was on tonight! I went with my sister-in-law to a girls' night out only a few months ago, it is very near her house. How exciting. We thought it was pretty good when we went, and they did well tonight, scoring best so far.

Report card:
Diet: Ok.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Ok.
Mental health: Poor.

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