Monday, July 27, 2015



Today I had to deal with a house full of leftovers. There were some proper food items, like the cauliflower soup and pulled pork I had for lunch; and some not-proper food items like the chocolate cake my sister-in-law brought and the cheesecake I made. We ate a little bit of cake (I finished the slice I started yesterday, it was too rich to have a whole slice) and threw the rest away, and we also finished the cheesecake for dessert tonight. Now we have some lollies like jelly snakes which aren't a big temptation for me, and some chocolate which I love but can be moderate with so I think I will be ok from now. That cheesecake was so good though, I just couldn't throw it away. All gone now. There is  also still some of my delicious baked lemon chicken which we will all be having for lunch tomorrow, nothing wrong with that. I had some really good cooking successes on the weekend.  

I did the grocery shopping this morning but was really tired today, worn out from the weekend I guess. I'm also still not sleeping well and struggling with my CPAP. No change there. I had a nap in the afternoon and also lay down for a while after my children got home from school. Headachy and tired.

We are planning to visit France sometime soon, probably early next year. We were talking about this year but then there has been the whole uncertainly of moving/not moving. Tim and I went to Paris as part of a European tour for our honeymoon. We went to the Moulin Rouge and Tim was called up on stage to be the ventriloquist's dummy! He always gets chosen when we go to a live show. He must have the right kind of face. Anyway, we both studied French back in High School (so long ago!) and Jasmine has been learning it this year. Jas and I downloaded an language-learning app tonight and have been practicing. It's a fun way to do it! I can only remember a few words and phrases from nearly 30 years ago so it's almost like starting again but a lot of words look familiar and I can kind-of do the accent. Richard if you're planning to comment in French remember I'm only up to "the cat is black" level! To remember that "chat" is a masculine word I have visualised a cat walking away from me with it's masculinity rather obvious... Newspaper is masculine so I picture a man reading one (no, not naked) but letter is feminine so the paper the letter is written on is pink... Learning another language is tricky! At least it has a lot of similarities to English. I used to study Japanese as well, that was much harder.

Report card:
Diet: Poor (real food plus cake and cheesecake).
Exercise: Poor (none).
Water: Ok.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Ok.

It's another one of those days when my report card looks bad but I don't feel like I have been that bad really. Just tired.


  1. France! What a great trip. I've never been but my brother and his wife have gone a few times and they love it. Perhaps one day.

  2. Hahaha you know me so well, even what I was thinking.

    I have live in Europe so been to France many times, even did some camping in Paris with a tent trailer.

    Now for your French lesson: Non merci je ne veux pas de croissant au chocolat!

  3. please do not ... ( look up veux)...

    ah: "No thank you I do not want a chocolate croissant."

    I don't know if I could ever say that out loud if someone was offering me one! Time to practice so it becomes automatic.